At Stockbridge Tae Kwon Do Academy, we provide superior-quality Martial Arts training specific to younger children (4-6 year olds) that focuses on development of hand and eye coordination, balance and motor function skills.

We offer 30-minute sessions twice per week on A (Monday and Thursday) or B (Tuesday and Friday) schedule with a maximum of 12 students enrolled for each A and B. To assist with more hands-on learning and keep students engaged and focused, we have multiple instructors working with each class.  These classes are not the typical Martial Arts class as we have activities and games that provide fun ways to build confidence and listening skills to prepare for traditional school environments as well as progression into our older student and more advanced Evening or After School classes. 

Our students learn self-defense, conditioning, discipline, and emotional/behavioral temperance. Our students advance towards earning black belts under a rigorous, high-standard training structure. The skills they develop at our studio 100% represent and validate the belts that they have earned.

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