Troy Bates | Co-Owner, Master Instructor

Satoko Bates | Co-Owner, Financial Director

Wendy Sperry | Children Programs Director

Ron Gamboa | Instructor

Isabell Sperry | Junior Instructor

Stockbridge Tae Kwon Do was established on February 6, 2003, with our first location being in opened on Feb 6, 2003 in a modest 1300 square foot space. As a result of continuous growth, we are currently in our 4th location, an 8000 square foot suite. Stockbridge Tae Kwon Do Academy is a full-service after school and multi-martial arts training academy offering a safe and comfortable environment. The academy is owned and managed by Troy and Satoko Bates and dedicated to Troy's mother Margaret (Margie) Bates who lost her battle to cancer. Since opening we have trained and nurtured numerous Black belts, including notable success stories: Canadian All Woman's Olympic team member; Junior Olympic participant; Canadian Kick-Boxer; Our true international culture and diversity allows us to better connect with and assist students of all backgrounds and ethnicities.